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Welcome to the wacky classroom :)

Hello parents :)  This LJ is the virtual, by donation, classroom for How To Parent With Positive Discipline. (hence this nice button you'll see on the profile page)
My webpage www.howtoparent.net will give you a good idea of who I am what I'm about. I teach Positive Discipline/non-punitive discipline/positive parenting whatever your term for it may be. I don't adhere to any specific guru of the PD book world though I admire many of them. What I teach is what I've developed over the years of parenting my own kids and teaching other parents. I've been teaching for 8 years, initially on a massive email list and then (when I realized I was spending hours per day answering people's posts) moving on to paid classes (in person, on the phone and in internet chat).

Well life changes again! My oldest decided to go back to homeschooling, and suddenly phone calls are just a no-go. I considered going back to a free email list, but there are several reasons I decided against that - first, I don't want to be dealing with thousands of people :D (alright, I couldn't attract thousands of people in a month, but these things snowball, okay??) And secondly I do want to continue charging a fee. Fees do two things - they keep me living a sybartic lifestyle of Trader Joes pasta and soy milk and more importantly they have the psychological effect of making people *value* what they are learning.

See? I'm asking for your money for your own good! You see the sacrifices I make to help parents?


Snark aside, I welcome anyone here who wants to learn and who is willing to accept a few net-generic ground rules.

1. Positive Discipline (TM) here means no punishment. No withholding, no shaming, no hitting, no intimidation, no threating, no taking away privileges or belongings, no coercion. Since these things aren't part of PD, I won't be discussing them. I don't want them brought up. Don't waste everyone's time making me tell you to stop bringing them up.

1.5 PD here means my own brand. I'm not weird or off the beaten track in what I teach - I'm just saying don't bother posting, "But PD guru X says PD is totally different!" I love hearing about what other people have learned in teaching and using PD. Just don't expect me to be specifically like any one else.

2. This is my sandbox, yes indeedy. I'm a very benevolent leader. Warm and fuzzy in fact! But I won't tolerate trolls or flaming or excessive off topic. Don't make me banninate you!

3. If you're here, you are a student in a classroom. Donate accordingly. Are you here 5 days a week asking me follow-up questions? Think in terms of many dollars a month. Are you here once a month with a simple query? Think in terms of a few dollars a month. In my experience people are very generous with a donation system :) (of course if you're a freeloader I may boot you just for my own amusement!)

Welcome, enjoy, play nicely with people here and above all LEARN LEARN LEARN :D


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